Owl Patterns

Winter Owl Amigurumi Pattern

Today I will share an owl amigurumi pattern that looks very aesthetic. This free amigurumi pattern is quite different from other crochet owl patterns. I can say that it has some amazing features. Especially its feathery-looking structure is very nicely designed. Also, the crochet hat made using a different design looks very cute. His blue […]

Cartoon Characters

Stitch Amigurumi Pattern

Friends, there are a few things you need to make the Stitch amigurumi you see in the picture. First of all, basic crochet knowledge and secondly, necessary excuses. Finding and purchasing supplies is pretty easy. Only basic crochet knowledge remains. However, you need to use the same threads to achieve this look. You will have […]

Tiger Patterns

Plush Big Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

What do you think about the tiger amigurumi? Don’t you think it looks perfect? You can act quite comfortably while making this kind of amigurumi. Especially in the arms and legs. In the tense parts of the body, you should crochet as regularly as possible. In this way, the crocheted tiger amigurumi will look quite […]

Tiger Patterns

Plush Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

I’m with you again with another crochet tiger pattern. However, this crochet tiger amigurumi looks a little different than the others, doesn’t it? I think the most distinctive feature of her being different is that she is a girl. The girl tiger amigurumi is designed as female with a few dots. The first of these […]

Dinosaur Patterns

Big Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern

Dinosaur amigurumi patterns have taken their place among the most popular crochet amigurumi patterns of recent times. Especially the small number of dinosaur amigurumi is one of the most effective factors in this. Now let’s talk about the making of dinosaur amigurumi first. I think the hardest part is the head. The only hard part […]

Mouse Patterns

Mouse Flora Amigurumi Pattern

Another crochet pattern that I will share today is Mouse Flora. The mouse amigurumi with a wonderful dress is an advanced level crochet pattern. It may not be as easy as it seems to make this mouse amigurumi, especially the facial features of which are crocheted very well. In addition, such amigurumi patterns should have […]

Tiger Patterns

Lovely Velvet Tiger Amigurumi

I am with you again today with another cute tiger amigurumi pattern. Previously, I shared tiger amigurumi patterns made using velvet rope. Today’s cute tiger pattern resembles a tiger cub. I have to mention that Amigurumi is very small and very easy. However, the tightening process on the facial lines can complicate your work a […]

Bunny Patterns

Plush Pink Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Hello my dears. Today I will share the second amigurumi pattern. I believe that you will not leave me alone as I embark on this path that I am still an amateur. I will share a crochet bunny pattern. Bunny amigurumi has very large ears and a very impressive color was chosen. This cute bunny […]

Cat Patterns

Plush Cat Amigurumi Pattern

As you know, plush cat amigurumi patterns are usually quite easy. However, the crochet cat amigurumi that I will share today is quite different from the others. Actually the body and other parts are made in an easy way. However, the head design of the cat amigurumi is very different from the others. A wonderful […]