Cat Patterns

Cute Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Instagram odessaviktorytoy Materials Yarn: Alize Cotton Gold Hobby Hook: 2.0 mm Black embroidery floss for eyes, eye brows, nose and whiskers Sewing needle and scissors Fiberfill There is no pattern for the hair band with flowers! Abbreviations AR – Amigurumi Magic ring MR – Amigurumi Magic ring App – application ll – lift loop sc […]

Bear Patterns

Puffy Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

The name of this cute teddy bear amigurumi is puffy! A pretty simple teddy bear amigurumi. As you know, these types of amigurumi patterns are generally preferred by beginners. The biggest reason for this is that amigurumi is small and easy. In terms of color selection, a very nice color was preferred. I’m trying to […]

Bear Patterns

Plush Lovely Bear Amigurumi Pattern

My dears, are you ready to make this brown teddy bear? I want to share this free amigurumi pattern with you. This crochet teddy bear, which is much easier to make than other amigurumi, is definitely an amigurumi that should be in your archive. When you look at the way amigurumi is embroidered with crochet, […]

Bunny Patterns

Little Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

You have many choices among cute rabbit patterns. Today, I will share a very small bunny amigurumi pattern. It’s very easy to make! Also, this bunny amigurumi has an amazing dress. Her dress consists of small pleats and its construction is available in the description of the pattern. However, this is left to your preference. […]

Cat Patterns

Funny Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Cat amigurumi patterns are quite different. The crochet cat pattern you see in the picture has a very different structure. For this reason, it was made in a way that you can use as a keychain. The extremely modern design made the cat look forgotten. While this isn’t actually a pretty toy for kids, it’s […]

Bear Patterns

Brown Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

As you know, although our website has not yet completed itself in terms of content, I continue to share new amigurumi patterns. The bear amigurumi pattern you see is just one of them. The crochet pattern is free. As for the making of amigurumi, it is made in the way I like the most. I […]

Fox Patterns

Little Fox Amigurumi Pattern

Since you want to make this cute fox amigurumi, you probably want to make an easy amigurumi. Especially women began to acquire such hobbies in their spare time. This is a good development. Making crochet amigurumi is definitely psychologically relaxing. Today we have a new crochet fox pattern for you. I hope you like the […]

Giraffe Patterns

Little Giraffe Amigurumi Pattern

Giraffe amigurumi patterns are perhaps one of the most realistic crochet amigurumi patterns. Although they are not very popular among animal amigurumi patterns, they have a very cute appearance. Today’s amigurumi pattern is a very cute amigurumi in the size of a keychain. I hope you like today’s crochet amigurumi pattern in this blog where […]

Elephant Patterns

Little Elephant Amigurumi Pattern

You will create your elephant amigurumis by increasing or decreasing the number of frequent needles in this crochet elephant pattern, which has many different designs for you to make your elephant amigurumi, which is the center of attention with its long trunks and big ears, especially with its cubs. To get a real image, you […]


Blue Little Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Rabbit amigurumi patterns are perhaps among the most popular crochet patterns. The magnificent bunny pattern that I will share today has a very nice design. I must say that not every amigurumi design will be perfect. Even if some amigurumis are made with great devotion, they may have some flaws. But I suggest you consider […]