Gazella Patterns

Crochet Gazella Amigurumi Pattern

Recently, as you know, I am sharing amazing crochet patterns. Today, I’m taking it one level higher. First of all, thank you to n_iniko for this great crochet gazelle pattern. N_iniko is truly an amazing amigurumi designer. I also want to talk a little bit about the gazelle amigurumi. The gazelle, which is at the […]

Lion Patterns

Little Lion Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today we will share a great amigurumi pattern for you. I think you will love our little lion amigurumi pattern. Our little lion recipe is made with a thin yarn and fine crochet, and if you want, you can increase the size of the yarn, the thickness of the yarn and the number […]

Fox Patterns

Lovely Fox Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, our pattern for today will be a small but very cute crochet fox pattern. You can download the lovely fox amigurumi pattern for free. A great idea for a keychain, you can gift this lovely fox pattern to your friends and make them happy. Your little school going kids will also love this […]

Bunny Patterns

Easy Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today I have come with a very easy bunny amigurumi for you. Even if you have just learned amigurumi crochet, you can easily make this crochet bunny pattern. It is such a simple amigurumi pattern that making rabbits will not be a problem for you anymore. You can change the colors used in […]

Bear Patterns

Stuffed Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today I am with you with another great teddy bear amigurumi pattern. Undoubtedly, teddy bears are the pattern that we like to make the most among the amigurumi patterns, but the most difficult. Especially our little kids love them very much. I have come to you with a very good example for these […]

Chartoon Characters

Moomin Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today I am here again with a very different animal pattern. I think you will love the amigurumi pattern of the moomin character you all know. Especially with the soft yarn texture used in our crochet amigurumi pattern, a very sweet and cute moomin emerges. Although I know that our children will get […]

Frog Patterns

Little Frog Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today I came to you with an amigurumi frog pattern, different from the bunny or teddy bear amigurumi pattern. Your little one who loves frogs will love this pattern. Although it may seem difficult, you can crochet amigurumi pattern, which is actually very easy to knit, with the more preferred yarns in amigurumi. […]

Elephant Patterns

Lovely Elephant Amigurumi Pattern

Hello friends, today I came to you with a small but very sweet amigurumi pattern that you can use in keychain sizes. I think you will like our cute crochet elephant pattern. I especially love the yellow ribbon and cute pink ears. I think you will enjoy trying this amigurumi pattern, which is also very […]